Greenland’s Ice Melting Faster

by Matt

So, this might sound hackneyed to some, but according to an article in BusinessWeek, Greenland is melting faster than expected. What I found particularly interesting here are the details. Melted lakes are cracking their ice basins and flowing to bedrock, causing glaciers to slide more quickly, which causes them to melt faster. Which, one might presume, causes deeper and heavier lakes, with more ice-cracking ability, etc.

Global Warming: The Greenland Factor

The slide show is beautiful, in odd contrast to its implications for humanity…

The other thing that’s profound in this article is the invitation to contemplate that Miami, parts of New York City and some tremendous amount of Bangladesh might be under water in a few centuries (as is commonly predicted, should Greenland’s ice cover melt entirely.)

In the meantime, some nasty floods between now and then, I’d bet.

P.S. The President of the United States announced this week that he has a plan to cut US greenhouse gas emission increases to zero by 2025 or so…

…Meaning, as I read it, that rates of greenhouse gas emissions would continue to rise in the US until then?