Heterosexual Intercourse Beats Severed Heads…

by Matt

…As the most offensive content (out of four choices) that children might encounter in a video game, according to a recent poll. Parents were asked to choose which they found most offensive: a graphically severed human head, a man and a woman having sex, multiple use of the “F-word,” or two men kissing.

The greatest number of votes for most offensive went to a man and a woman having sex, at 37%, followed by the graphically severed human head and the two men kissing in a dead heat 26% and 27% respectively, and multiple uses of the “F-word” last at 10%.

Act of love more offensive than severed human heads, reports poll

Note that the graphically severed human head was slightly more acceptable than two men kissing.

You know what might have been an interesting companion survey? To’ve asked,”Okay, then. Which of the four is most upsetting to you as an occurrence in real life?” It just might merit some checking in with our fellow Americans about that one.

I wonder how many people would ask, “Well, whose head are you talking about?”

Which is, you know, funny and all.

But then take a deep breath and think about it…