Running Queries

by Matt

I thought originally about describing the scope of interests which are likely to be explored here, and then decided that I didn’t want to limit this scope at all. I’d like to be, in the original sense of the word, catholic. : ) But then it occurred to me (all this just now while I was taking a bath) that it might be very useful to define some of the running queries I have, and hopefully over time build some cohesive responses to them.

So here are some of the big questions I have at the moment, which will be running queries here:

1.) What, if any, narrative can be constructed about the situation in Iraq? What is really going on there? What seem to be the most promising prospects for stable government?

2.) What can be said about where America is headed? Who are we as a people? Where do we seem to be going? What can be learned from the Presidential Administration of the past eight years? What has it revealed about the country and its leaders? What has it revealed about Americans, as a whole, and as various disparate groups sharing the same borders? What has it revealed about the relationship between power and the people in our country?

3.) What solutions can be developed to reduce the ecological footprint of industrialized civilization, and to replace oil? How can American achieve energy independence?

4.) What is the use of vision, and how can it be applied in the modern world?This can be expanded upon later, and will be! : )